Auction Calendar

There are thousands of units every week at Motto Auctions. See the plan for coming weeks below.

Vehicles that :

  • Can be re-registered / Ownership Transfer immediately

Vehicles that :

  • May have re-registration / Ownership Transfer delays
  • Outstanding fines or taxes to be paid
  • No Plate
  • This vehicle has Flood history
  • License plate number does not match the number in the vehicle registration book
  • Re-built unit from imported chassis , frame , body , parts

Vehicles that :

  • Can not be re-registered / Ownership Transfer
  • Car Registration has been suspended; Car Tax has not been paid in over 3 years, car registration has been suspended; Car registration has been cancelled by the owner, Thai Law Clause Mor 34
  • Mismatched engine no.
  • Can't inspect engine no. or chassis no.
  • The vehicle color does not match the color in the car registration book
  • Mismatched fuel type or Gas tank no.
  • May not pass LTA inspection
  • Vehicle has history with the DEA and DSI
  • This is a salvaged and wrecked vehicle and or parts that has been fixed for resale
  • Engine plate is missing from the vehicle
  • Engine numbers and tank numbers are rusted, look abnormal or has been changed without notifying Dept. of Land and Transport
  • Salvage : Not responsible for title book transfer

Auction tips

  1. Set yourself a budget
  2. Check the car you would like to bid on very carefully including the documents.
  3. Paying by internet bank transfer is the safest method of payment.
  4. All cars are sold "as is where is"; there are no returns.
  5. Read the terms and Conditions carefully.
  6. Ensure you have the correct name registered for the auction.
  7. Bid clearly and don't wait until the last minute.