Terms and Conditions of Auction

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Terms and conditions

The definition of "Company" means "Motto Auction (Thailand) Company.

"Seller" means individuals, companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, and companies that do business for rent or hire other private dealers who own the ownership to the legal right of the car sold at auction.

"Buyer" means the person who participates in the auction to buy cars at auction. The Buyer must act in good faith in the purchase of a car, motorcycles, trucks, machinery, equipment, spare parts, repair tool trading of auto parts and includes importers and exporters, users, sellers, and arbitrage operators, either personal or commercial.

“Assets” Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, Agricultural Machinery, Machinery, spare parts, repair tool, autos, and parts trading. Either personal or commercial all such assets are used goods.

  1. The Company acts as an intermediary to coordinate trading between buyers and sellers through the auction only. All cars remain the property of the seller. The Company has no ownership status and has no interest in the property being auctioned including car equipment in the auction.
  2. All cars were sold by auction and all items are auctioned and sold as it is. The seller and the auction house reserve the right not to be held responsible for deterioration or defects in the product. Including no product warranty such as engine, transmission system, electrical system, hybrid system, fuel system, fittings, or accessories and the company reserves the right to inspect the catalytic system, and converter due to technical limitations.
  3. The Company has prepared a list of products for auction 1 day in advance so that bidders can check the list of products that are auctioned or sold. The Buyer has a duty and responsibility to inspect the vehicle condition and property conditions and evaluate the items that will be auctioned for sale. In addition, the Company has also taken pictures online for buyers to use to check information before bidding or buying.
    The Company tries to provide accurate information. However, every auction item must comply with the conditions specified by the seller and Company executives. Company staff or auctioneer reserve the right not to be responsible for any claims or any errors after the auction.
    The Company assumes that the Buyer has acknowledged and accepted the condition of the product auctioned. For any error in the price of the product, the Company and the seller reserve the right to not be responsible for any claims for all that occurred after the auction will be considered that the buyer acknowledged and accepted all the details of the auction before bidding. Products, inaccuracies in the number of miles displayed with the actual use of each vehicle are not the fault of the company, regardless of any part of the product being modified or added, which may cause the product details to not be as stated in the product list.
  4. Due to space limitations and testing speed. The company reserves the right not to be responsible for all gear cases after receiving the auctioned car in all cases.
  5. The company reserves the right not to guarantee that the mileage has been adjusted or not. For the mileage that appears on the car's odometer there may be a discrepancy of the mileage that appears on the car's odometer and appear both in the auction listing and on our website. However, there's a discrepant does not exceed 99 kilometers.
  6. Buyers will not request to refund or reject any products they have bid on. The Buyer will not proceed with filing a lawsuit against the Company both civil and criminal at any time after the sale has been completed. he buyer is responsible for paying shipping costs, transfer fees, taxes, stamp duty, and any other fees associated with the product including any damages that may occur to the property and people during transportation. And also including any other expenses that may occur from actions taken by the buyer or buyer’s agent that incur costs or any damages.
  7. The Buyer, as the owner/occupier, is responsible for all expenses related to fines imposed by government agencies, payment of fines (traffic cases), tolls of all types or witness รn case of illegal use of the vehicle (Civil/Criminal cases). The buyer must be responsible for all damages claimed in any case.
  8. All auctions will be recorded by audio tape which is used as evidence and confirms the sale after the company finalizes the selling price. The Company will record the bidder number and selling price to the sales contract which each buyer can receive a summary of the car purchase (Sale Contract) in the cashier’s room for confirmation of buying the product.
  9. Buyers must be registered by using an ID card, the passport which the government has issued and then the company will record all the information. The Buyer's confidentiality will not be distributed to all third parties or all parts of the information to the public or to a third party seeking commercial benefits in any way including not using the information obtained to do any actions which are to cause damage to the buyer, unless disclosed only where necessary for legal effect only.
  10. The Buyer agrees with the term and conditions of the auction and agrees to pay for the purchase of the car auctioned under the conditions detailed on payment by keeping following the company’s terms and conditions.
  11. Bidders must make the minimum payment on the day of the auction as follows:
    Buyers who are not members but are registered for auction sign a deposit of 20,000 baht and buyers who are members of 20,000 baht when the car is auctioned must pay 10% of the car price, pay for the processing fee and other service fees in full amount on the day of the auction.
    Buyers who apply for membership of 40,000 baht do not have to pay 10% on the auction day.
    **If the customer refuses to accept the car or does not pay the price in the past auction round, the company reserves the right to change the deposit rate and/or not allow bidding until the outstanding balance has been paid.
  12. After the bidder has purchased the product and paid in full amount, the product must be moved out of the company's area within 7 days from the date of full payment.
  13. If the buyer refuses to buy the car in any case, the buyer must pay 10% of the car price + a full-service fee. (Service fee according to vehicle type) to the company.
    In the case that the bidder fails to pay for the remainder of the auction items to the company within 3 days from the auction date, the company and the seller reserve the right to forfeit the deposit. The seller can cancel the sale or get the vehicle listed back from the buyer and the company reserves the right to take legal action and claim damages to the bidder.
  14. If the buyer is willing to change the name-address / name of a person or other juristic person that you want to specify in the receipt after registration, the bidder must pay the cost of changing information for 10,000 baht per item.
  15. The buyer is responsible for inspecting the condition of the cars and signing a confirmation of receipt of the cars before taking them out of the company's area within 3-5 days (in case of using our transportation services), if the buyer does not inspect the condition of the car, the company reserves the right not to consider requesting a return of the car. It is considered that the buyer agrees to receive the product in such condition and waives the right to claim any damages incurred thereafter.
  16. The transfer of ownership can occur only when the Buyer has paid the full price according to the bid price.
  17. The company does not accept the return of the vehicle in the case that the vehicle cannot qualify for a loan, the vehicle is stuck in a car blacklist, or the vehicle claims insurance (Total loss) which is not detailed in the registration book on page 18.
  18. In case the buyer is willing to cancel the order, the company reserves the right to refund any accidental purchase proceedings. Default of payment for cars and services of the purchaser, the company can use their rights and obligations to claim according to the law.
  19. The Buyer can cancel the membership. The company will refund the deposit to the member within 3 working days from the date of receiving the completed cancellation form and member card. Furthermore, members have to attach a copy of the book bank.
  20. Motto Auction prepared a list of products (Vehicles/Salvages) up to 24 hrs in advance to any upcoming auction. The list is for Bidders to inspect items that are entering the Auction. Buyers are responsible for inspecting the condition of the vehicles, specifications, and evaluating these items before placing their bids. Motto Auction also prepared pictures of the products and post them online for Buyers to review before placing their auction bids and/or making their purchases.
    Motto strives to provide the utmost accurate information of these products. These products must adhere to the auction terms and conditions as well as specific instructions given by the Seller. Motto Auction, Motto Auction's Executives & Employees, Auctioneers/Announcers, and Sellers reserve the right not to be held responsible for any claims or errors that may arise after the Auctioneer finalized the auction (striking the gavel in the lane). By participating in the auction, Buyers are deemed to be aware of and to accept the condition of the items, errors in product details, product prices, and the absence of any warranties. "All items are auctioned as is, and the Seller reserves the right not to be held responsible nor to accept the return of the product in all cases after the Auctioneer finalized the auction (striking the gavel).


    Interested persons who want to join the auction need to register and deposit 20,000 Baht of cash or cashier cheque for bidding number plates. MOTTO allows bidding number plates printed out by MOTTO only.

    Registration document

    For Natural Person

    1. Copy of ID card and certified true copy
    2. Deposit money 20,000 Baht
    3. * Foreigners shall use a copy of passport and a copy of work permit or residential letter

    For Juristic Person

    1. Copy of company registration and Por Por 20
    2. Copy of shareholder ID or authorized person
    3. Deposit money 20,000 Baht

    Payment Method

    The auction shall be completed when the auctioneer accepts the final price by knocking the wood hammer.

    In case of making a full payment

    1. On the auction day, the buyer shall pay in full amount of the auction price and
    2. The buyer shall pay in full amount of service fees, transportation fees, and other service fees (if any)
    3. * If the buyer makes a full payment, the buyer can bring the car back immediately or within 3 working days after the auction date

    In case of making a payment by deposit

    1. On the auction day, the buyer shall deposit 10% of the auction price and
    2. The buyer shall pay in full amount of service fees, transportation fees, and other service fees (If any)
    3. Within 3 working days after the auction date, the buyer shall pay the remaining amount of the auction price

    All payment can be paid by

    1. Cash
    2. Money transferred via baht NET (before 12.00 hrs.)
    3. Cashier cheque or draft, which can collect in Bangkok only
      Account name: Motto Auction (Thailand) (TRUST ACCOUNT)
      Bank of Ayudhya Bank Branch On-Nut 69
      Account number: 403-0-00584-1
    4. Credit Visa card / Master card (The customer pays the charges)
    5. In case of the buyer winning the bid via Simulcast (online system), the buyer shall pay additional fees in full payment.