Terms and Conditions of Auction

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Terms and Conditions of Auction

Motto Auction (Thailand) Co.,LTD is hereinafter referred to as "MOTTO"

Individual persons, corporations, Financial Institutions, Insurance companies, rental & Leasing Companies, dealers, Private individuals etc., who is the owner of vehicle(s) are hereinafter referred to as "the Seller"

Persons who attend the auction, corporations, Dealer, Individual persons are hereinafter referred to as "the Buyer".

Dealers are defined as persons, or justice persons whom trade, buy and sell cars, motorbikes, trucks, machinery & equipment, repairers, those whom buy and sell, trade auto parts, importers and exporters either for profit, use, resale, arbitrage, personal or commercial use

  1. Motto Auction (Thailand) Co.,LTD, acting as an intermediary to coordinate trading between buyers and sellers through the auction only, and all vehicles are the property of the seller. MOTTO does not own any vehicles, parts of equipment in the auction and therefore has no conflict of interest.
  2. The auction to the highest bidder has the right to buy. In the event of any dispute or provocation the auctioneer reserves the rights to reopen the bidding, or decide to bring the car back to re-auction again.

    All buyers must register for the auction by using ID card, passport, photo ID. MOTTO reserves the right to retain buyer information. MOTTO will use appropriate diligence to protect the confidentiality of any and all information of buyers unless required by law to disclose.

  3. The seller has granted the authority to the MOTTO and the auctioneer to sell the items according to the list, and not allow any cancellation of sales after a bid and has already been accepted and the item is sold
  4. The seller, MOTTO, or auctioneer, reserves the right to withdraw any unit or item from the sale or auction, and reserves the right to accept or reject any bid whether in lane or online.
  5. MOTTO make all items scheduled for auction available for inspection for 1 day prior to the auction or sale. In this period the buyer has every opportunity to diligently inspect, qualify condition and make assessments of the items for auction. In addition, MOTTO makes photographs online for eth buyers use to diligently inspect before bidding or purchase.
    MOTTO strives to provide accurate information, however, all are sold in an "as is, where is" condition. The Seller and MOTTO, its executives, staff, spokesman or auctioneers inclusively reserve the right not to be responsible for all claims of any kind, and thus it shall be deemed that the buyer is aware of the condition of the item, acknowledges and accepts should any mistakes of the details, amount, guarantee of the product,

    MOTTO makes every effort to report the "SHOWING" odometer. Inaccurate or incorrect number of kilometers or miles that may shows the distance to the actual use of each vehicle, use of the device that is not normal, regardless of all or any part thereof, whether through modifications or additions which may result in the product description does not match the stated catalog is the responsibility of the buyer.

  6. All sales are final; buyers shall not request a refund or reject any item in the list. Should there be any information that is not stated in the catalog, or the buyer through failure of their diligence has found out after the auction purchase, will not proceed to litigate, staff, spokesman or auctioneer in any and or both civil and criminal.
  7. Buyer shall responsible for paying any of the freight, transfer tax, stamp duty, as well as any damage that may occur during the transport of persons and property, as well as other costs that may occur. MOTTO is not responsible for any lost profit, nor costs incurred by the buyer, the buyer's agent, in preparation for sale, resale, barter or use by any buyer.
  8. All auctions are recorded by audio tape. This is used as evidence and confirms all sales. After the hammer falls, the auctioneer will fill out the buyer number, and the selling prices on the sales slip. Each buyer can get a summary car sale (Sale Contract) at the registration room, in order to confirm the purchase of cars, fees costs and charges applicable to the items purchased.
  9. The Buyer, through registration unequivocally accepts all the terms of the auction and agree to pay the purchase price under the details for the terms of payment and according to MOTTO announcements at the auction.
  10. 10. After the buyer succeed in the auction and paid the full amount, the buyer or his agent must remove the car from the area of MOTTO within three business days of the auction date.
    In the case where the buyer has paid by Cheque, MOTTO shall deem full payment has been made in full upon the receipt of cleared funds in the MOTTO Bank account confirmation from the bank of clearance.
  11. Transfer of rights shall occur upon that the buyer has made the payment in full according to the auction price all applicable fees, costs, charges.
  12. The buyer or his/her agent has the duty to inspect the condition of the vehicle, and damage which occurred, includes all obligations related to the vehicle upon collection the vehicle leaves the MOTTO compound it is the sole responsibility of the buyer, or his/her agent.
  13. In the case where the buyer fail to make payment of any, all or the remaining balance of the vehicle purchase price to MOTTO within 3 working days, from the date of auction, the MOTTO and the seller shall reserve the right to forfeit all of the deposit, and cancel the sales.
  14. The seller and MOTTO, is able to make a claim from the buyer to compensate the damages fee, regardless of damages from the loss occurred, or result from the violation of the terms and conditions of the auction.
  15. Name - Address, name of individual, entity or juristic person that the buyer has registered, are not able to be changed after the auction, No Warranties are expressed or implied for any items sold.

    For items sold online via Simulcast® the buyer acknowledges the additional terms & conditions applicable via the membership.


Interested persons who want to join the auction need to register and deposit 20,000 Baht of cash or cashier cheque for bidding number plates. MOTTO allows bidding number plates printed out by MOTTO only.

Registration document

For Natural Person

  1. Copy of ID card and certified true copy
  2. Deposit money 20,000 Baht
  3. * Foreigners shall use a copy of passport and a copy of work permit or residential letter

For Juristic Person

  1. Copy of company registration and Por Por 20
  2. Copy of shareholder ID or authorized person
  3. Deposit money 20,000 Baht

Payment Method

The auction shall be completed when the auctioneer accepts the final price by knocking the wood hammer.

In case of making a full payment

  1. On the auction day, the buyer shall pay in full amount of auction price and
  2. The buyer shall pay in full amount of service fees, transportation fees and other service fees (if any)
  3. * if the buyer make a full payment, the buyer can bring the car back immediately or within 3 working days after auction date

In case of making a payment by deposit

  1. On the auction day, the buyer shall deposit 10% of auction price and
  2. The buyer shall pay in full amount of service fees, transportation fees and other service fees (If any)
  3. Within 3 working days after the auction date, the buyer shall pay the remaining amount of auction price

All payment can be paid by

  1. Cash
  2. Money transferred via baht NET (before 12.00 hrs.)
  3. Cashier cheque or draft, which can collect in Bangkok only
    Account name: Motto Auction (Thailand) (TRUST ACCOUNT)
    Bank of Ayudhya Bank Branch On-Nut 69
    Account number: 403-0-00584-1
  4. Credit Visa card / Master card (The customer pays the charges)
  5. In case of buyer winning the bid via Simulcast (online system), the buyer shall pay additional fees in full payment.

Buyers Fee (including VAT 7%)

Mobile Vehicles (Per unit)

  1. 4 wheels vehicle; buyer fee is THB 10,700
  2. 6 wheels truck; buyer fee is THB 12,500
  3. More than 6 wheels truck /Bus /Tractors/Trailer/ Agriculture Machine and other; buyer fee is THB 16,050

Salvage vehicles (Per unit)

  1. 4 wheels vehicle; buyer fee is THB 10,700
  2. 6 wheels truck ; buyer fee is THB 12,500
  3. More than 6 wheels truck /Bus /Tractors/Trailer/ Agriculture Machine and other; buyer fee is THB 16,050
  4. Salvage vehicles with starting price less than THB 20,000 ; buyer fee is THB 5,350
  5. Burned out 100% vehicles; buyer fee is THB 5,350

Motorbike (Per unit)

  1. Motorbike auction 100 – 499 cc. ; buyer fee is THB 1,650
  2. Motorbike auction 500 cc. up ; buyer fee is THB 10,700

Simulcast System (Per unit)

  1. Using the Simulcast system, the additional fee is THB 1,420 for all vehicles except motorbike.
  2. Motorbike by using the Simulcast system, an additional Buyer Fee of THB 250 applies.