Terms & Conditions For Membership

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Terms & Conditions
  1. Applicants must fill in the application form to completely and correctly.
  2. Membership registration fee is 40,000 baht and can be canceled at any time. The company will refund the money within 14 working days from the date you send the cancellation document, filling out the cancellation request form and Attach the account number. In case you are unable to, the employee will deduct 500 baht from the money received.
  3. Documents used in the application must be a document sent by mail.
  4. The person who has the right to participate in the tender is the director or delegate and the contact name on this application.
  5. Payment in every purchase must be paid in full within 3 working days
  6. The car must be processed within 7 days after the trading date for more than 7 days. The company will collect the money for keeping the car.
  7. After the purchase, the company will issue a receipt according to the final step description and will not be able to fix it.
  8. Members must keep the membership card and password in the event that there are many members, must inform the IT staff or the company's sales department immediately.
  9. You cannot transfer to a member that has been received and the member must be the same person as the photo on the member card issued by the company only.
  10. The company will collect additional processing fees in the event of buying online (Simulcast) every time.
  11. You must comply with all terms and conditions of the company in the event that you are not able to submit the application documents.

Sales Representative Motto Auction (Thailand) co,. Ltd

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Phone: 02-329-1155 ext. 817
Fax: 02-329-1500-1
Email: sales@mottoauction.com
Line ID: @mottoauction

The buyer expressly agrees not to use, copy or exploit any information that appears within the website or Any part of the website (including, but not limited to Copyrighted content, trademarks Or any other proprietary rights), not to be reproduced, reproduced, copied, sold, resold, distributed or otherwise sought for commercial interests, use of the website and / or applications Am Which violates this agreement, the company will immediately terminate the license and / or revoke the license, the company and its affiliates reserve the right to claim any damages All arising from not complying with the terms of this agreement, I acknowledge and agree to comply with the above terms and conditions. If I violate or do anything Which is against the terms and conditions I consent to the company Cancel membership and confiscate deposits immediately

Accept Terms & conditions of the Simulcast


Each vehicle that you have purchased through the Seagastcast system You will have to pay the processing fee. Buying through this additional castercast system

  • Can drive cars From financial institutions 1,420 baht per vehicle
  • Car accidents that are not 1,420 baht per vehicle
  • Commercial vehicle trucks 1,420 baht per vehicle
  • Motorcycle 250 baht per vehicle


Car and motorcycle auction from Institute of Finance

Green light
- All cars and motorcycles identified with "green" are cars sold with registration books and can register immediately

Yellow light
- All cars and motorcycles identified with "yellow" are cars sold with registration books. But there are some items that Causing late registration Which may be in the form of outstanding fines or taxes that you will have to pay when bringing the car Registered by various fines Will be specified in the catalog

Red light
All cars and motorcycles identified with "red" are vehicles that cannot be registered. Because there is no registration book Or the information is not as specified in the registration book or cannot check the body number or The machine number can be checked by these vehicles that are not inspected by the Department of Land Transport.


Red light
- All vehicles identified as 'red' are vehicles that are not powered by damage. Or an accident car Not responsible for all transfers

Note: Motto is not guaranteed. Or repair And registered for the car accident, whether it can be registered Can or not The car that entered the auction Is a car that is ready for every sale Regardless of the registration book

Need more information Please contact staff: 02-329-1155 ext. 107