About Auction

The leader in the most advanced auction technology in Thailand.


Auctions are one of the oldest forms of transacting commercial exchanges, yet very relevent in todays dynamic and high speed market.

The auction environment is ideal because it provides a dynamic trading floor where open, live competitive bidding is fast-paced and true market value is determined with each vehicle that comes to the auction block, and delivers a fair market price real time.


Market Liquidity

Motto Auctions enable consignors to convert cars into cash quickly.

Pricing Dynamics to Volume

Motto Auction can move large volumes of vehicles at fiar market pricing prices in a market with many factors changing dynamics.

Critical Mass of Buyers and Sellers

As Motto Auction is a market leader, our large and more efficient pricesses bring the increasing number of vehicles and buyers to achieve market values and ultimately establish a national used vehicle marketplace.

Credible Pricing

Motto Auction gives the industry an objective view of what vehicles are worth in the marketplace.

Internet Applications

Motto Auction has pioneered market leading Internet technologies to increase efficiency and offer additional services to both buyers and sellers.

Process Integrity

A well managed auction provides a transparent bidding process that satisfies the requirements of both sellers and buyers.

Reconditioning Value

Motto Auction can provide full reconditioning services in order to enable sellers to maximize the total return on investment.

Affordable Participation

Auction fees, as a percentage of vehicles’ selling prices, are affordable and lower than the alternatives when all hidden costs of other processes are calculated.